Privacy Policy

29 May 2018

Hmm, Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy. I dunno man, I’m not really collecting much info from you. This is pretty much a one way static content site where I publish my data. 

No doubt WordPress sets some cookies. I do use Google Analytics which would track repeat visits, but it’s essentially anonymous, we don’t know who you are.

There’s a Facebook like box in the bottom, so if you’re a Facebook user they’ll have followed you here. You can take it up with them if you don’t want Mark Zuckerberg to know about your visit to Ultra Vulture anymore.

If you buy a print on a partner site they’ll need your info to fulfil that order. Again, that’s between you and them, I don’t get your customer info from those sales. So I don’t know what this policy is for, but maybe the Big Wigs in the EU want me to have one, so here you go.